Eksponat Foundation

The Foundation was established in early 2014 to manage private museums, and assist in securing valuable objects that are remnants of battles past years, which underwent devastation, as well as exploration and restoration of historic exhibits from the time of World War I and World War II. The Foundation owns a private museum that collects items related to regional history and the military and the promotion of national heritage, cultural, artistic activities through the promotion and support of cultural initiatives. In parallel, carries out activities to popularize the history and integrate the local community - organizes exhibitions, meetings of military, history enthusiasts, travelers. Despite the short period of operation, the Foundation may boast in cooperation with the Polish Army Museum, Museum of Independence and the Tourist Historical Information Centre Ossów. The Foundation manages 5 exhibit museum objects, such as: Museum of Arms and Technology Use, Museum of the Makowska Land and Różan Garrison, Military Technical Museum in Chotomów, the Museum of them. Major Władysław Nowakowski 'Bison' and the Museum Villa Lodusieńka.

'Eksponat Foundation comprehensive offer of cultural and tourist' is a completed project, which will contribute to cultivating Polishness, and the development of national consciousness in history, art, technology and military architecture, as well as increase the cultural identity of the inhabitants of the Sokołowski district. Along with other cultural institutions and objects of cultural heritage and tourism offer it will provide a vital link products with a cultural studies and historical tours, thus improving the image of this part of the region. The project will also contribute to the equalization of opportunities in areas marginalized - rural areas which are areas of the municipality Bielany, which increase the cultural potential and will reduce sense of marginalization on the one hand, but also will be an opportunity to increase the possibility of holding the non-agricultural sources, such as tourism, catering, hotels, and other related areas and developing together with the development of cultural activities.


General Provisions


  1. The foundation "EKSPONAT", hereinafter referred to as "the Foundation", established by Paweł Adam Zaniewski, hereinafter referred to as "the Founder" by means of a notarial deed (Repertory A Number: 537/2014) drawn up by Katarzyna Janik in the Notary’s Public Office in Wołomin, at Ogrodowa 8, on January 17th 2014 shall conduct its activities in accordance with the Polish laws in force as well as the provisions hereof.
  2. The Foundation is apolitical and not related to any religion.


  1. The Foundation shall has legal personality.
  2. The Foundation is supervised by the Minister competent for Culture and Protection of National Heritage.


The seat of the Foundation is the city of Kobylka.


  1. The Foundation shall operate on the territory of the Republic of Poland, and if within the necessary scope of realized aims it reserves the right to operate outside the borders of the Republic of Poland.
  2. The Foundation may translate its name into other languages for the purpose of cooperative relations with abroad.


The Foundation shall be entitled to set up logotypes, badges, awards, medals and grant them alongside other rewards and distinctions to natural and legal persons of merit for the Foundation.

The Foundation’s objectives and principles of operation


The statutory objectives of the Foundation are:

  1. the promotion of cultural and national heritage as well as artistic activity through popularization and support of cultural initiatives;
  2. the support for actions aimed at protection of the national and cultural heritage;
  3. the development of civic activeness in local communities through promoting the interest in science, culture, art, protection of cultural heritage and tradition; the promotion of social and cultural activeness;
  4. integration together with developing contacts and cooperation between societies including reinvigorating of contacts and cultural exchange with foreign countries, in particular, the countries of the European Union;
  5. promoting regional culture;
  6. initiating and supporting innovative solutions in different areas of social life;
  7. promoting the use of modern technology in, broadly-understood, civic counseling;
  8. development and strengthening of attitudes aiming at an active contribution to civil society;
  9. working for organizations which character is specified by similar statutory objectives like scientific, technical, educational and cultural activity, physical culture, environmental protection, charity, health care, social assistance, vocational and social rehabilitation of disabled people;
  10. dissemination of knowledge and skills for national defense;
  11. maintaining national tradition; cultivating Polish identity; development of patriotic, cultural and civic awareness;
  12. the activity for the development of civil society, local communities as well as groups and socially marginalized communities in Poland; popularization of cultural and social active citizenship; actions aimed at achieving equality of opportunity for vulnerable groups of people or people who are at risk of social exclusion like: national, religious and ethnic minorities or other groups facing discrimination problem;
  13. developing scientific, cultural, political and social relations between representatives of different countries, communities and religious organizations seeking to establish cooperation; development of democracy, culture, art, new jobs, education while preventing inequality and social discrimination.


The Foundation accomplishes its statutory objectives through:

  1. conducting cultural activity on the basis of the Act of 25 October 1991on organizing and engaging in cultural activity (Journal of Laws of 1991, No. 114, item 493, as amended);
  2. providing civic counseling in the form of autonomous services to support citizens’ independence;
  3. advocacy of socially marginalized groups;
  4. research, educational and publishing activity;
  5. creation and support of existing educational, scientific and cultural institutions in terms of problematic aspects of natural and cultural heritage protection through mass media, information and communication media, publishing, printing, schools and courses;
  6. organization and support of publications, exhibitions and other initiatives popularizing the Foundation’s activity in terms of its objectives;
  7. performing maintenance work, archiving and documentation;
  8. management of the museum’s collections and exhibitions;
  9. organizing promotional campaigns, mass events including charity actions, public money collections, auctions of objects donated by donators;
  10. conducting organizational, cultural, technical and scientific activities such as: inspiring and supporting research, projects and initiatives connected with culture and national heritage development;
  11. conducting training in schools, lectures and seminars promoting occupations related to defense and security of the country;
  12. organizing meetings with young people in order to preserve the memory of struggle for independence history and propagating national and patriotic traditions;
  13. organizing events and contests promoting the knowledge and skills connected with national defense;
  14. running training and information services related to promotion of the knowledge and skills connected with national defense;
  15. expressing the Foundation’s general standpoint to the public;
  16. providing material and financial assistance to individuals and institutions, in particular through scholarships for collectors or supporting conservation initiatives;
  17. information and advisory activities; organizing cultural and promotional meetings;
  18. conducting and supporting research and scientific activities;
  19. conducting other activities helping in fulfilling the statutory objectives of the Foundation;
  20. the creation as well as implementation of programs and projects in accordance with the Foundation’s objectives;
  21. cooperation with other foundations, associations or non-governmental organizations in the Polish Republic, as well as outside of it, to the extent necessary for the proper realization of the Foundation’s objectives abroad.